+1 to Textmate

I posted a little while back about my trialling of Komodo edit as an IDE. It's good, but just a couple of things bugged me enough that I thought I'd see if I could live with the major change that is switching to TextMate.

Now to be completely fair, most of my gripes with Komodo edit were minor and were more to do with what I'm used to than it being a bad product. Since starting a new job (more to come soon) I discovered a few really useful tools had been written for our codebase for the latest beta of Komodo Edit (v6) so I switched to that.

The thing which made me try TextMate instead was actually that Komodo Edit 6 kept eating my CPU time for no real reason. After using it for a bit, even when I was doing nothing and there was no indication of background activity, it's CPU usage would sit at around 30% which over a while slowed my Mac right down and got it really hot (and loud). If I quit and restarted it would be fine again for a while but eventually would come back up.

This isn't all that surprising especially considering it is a beta version but it was annoying enough to make me consider alternatives again. Especially since TextMate is also favoured by other devs at my new place of work.

Actually I like it. It is less limited than I first thought and writing bundles is powerful and could allow me to reproduce many of the simpler features I miss from other editors. Full code completion isn't there but actually it does do basic PHP and same-file completion which covers a relatively large part of my needs. And I really love the speed and OSXiness.

So the Jury's still out. I'll see how I get on.