A Change of Scenery

My wife Chloe and I are soon going to moving to pastures new. We have decided to escape city life and see how we fare in a more rural setting in Devon. That has meant me moving on to work for a different company too.

It was with some reluctance that I said goodbye to Ents24.com two weeks ago. It has been a great couple of years for me working there and I got on really well with all the staff.

My new challenge involves working remotely for the US-based art community deviantART. Working with a bigger team, remotely and across timezones are all new challenges for me but after two weeks I seem to be getting into the swing of things surprisingly easily.

Technically it is very different with many more visitors and a much more write-intensive and interactive emphasis. Lots more servers! The code base is also bigger, changes quicker and is no better documented than previous ones I've worked with. This is a little daunting at first although I'm already beginning to feel like I understand broadly how a lot of things work.